National Development Document of Yazd Province

Yazd Province National Development Document

Employer: Yazd Government Deputy Planning

Starting Date: 2014

Development strategies in each development program have had some changes in countries like Iran in a way that not only is there a coherent among long development strategies but among strategies in a program. Therefore, a program which confronts a problem, it would be problematic practically and it would not reach the purposes.

So, in planning a development program, it is essential to have a coherent and unite paradigm with a long-term approach. This is called a basic theory of development that is relied on as a foundation in logistics in addition to subject development strategic planning. Basic theory can present processes and fields of country and region programs. The land logistic issues such as principles of organizing the strategies of region, strategies of distributing the population and activities in territories are resulted from fundamental hypothesis. This can issue can lead to coordination in logistic orientation and creating a precise ability of assessment.

In order to fulfill the purpose of long-term development vision of country, the national development basic theory and the territory logistic orientations has been planned. Considering the features of province, missions and the main tasks of province in order to take charge of a special role to increase national and social investment are as follows: implementing an Iranian and Islamic pattern for improvement, raising competitiveness and  national added value based on socio-cultural development, mine and industry sustainable development, superior services (with emphasis on treatment and hygiene, transportation, information and communication technology, higher education, science and technologies and new energies, new business and sightseeing. Regarding the above mentioned priorities will prevent utilizing the other capabilities and capacities.

Right now the province basic theory of development after some editions in one studying phase and its reciprocal communication with executive organizations, universities and taking advantages of elites’ ideas was prepared.

Considering the planned major strategies in Yazd basic theory of development, it is essential to have development road map of Yazd province by applying all existing intellectual capacities of Yazd particularly the specialized committees of Yazd planning and development council categories. Therefore, 18 strategies of basic theory have been divided among different committees in order that each committee adjusts Yazd development road map regarding each assigned major strategy. According to the strategies related to each committee, reprogramming the most important capabilities and challenges related to each strategy, the steps that have been taken up to now andare in process in this province, the necessity of each strategy and the results of not considering that, necessary steps and politics for implementing each strategy and finally some plans or key projects related to each strategy are the activities that each committee is able to perform in order to step in an appropriate development path in this province during five coming years.