MENARID Project in Bahabad

Project Conductor: Parnian Tadbir &Toseh Company  

  Project SupervisorsAcademic Supervisor: Seyed Mojtaba Hossenipoor 

Executive Supervisor: Reza Bgheri Fahraj

Project Director: Ali Modarresi 

May 2014



The environmental challenges of the world, climate mutations and destruction of natural resources, all have jeopardized human life on the Earth. Non-governmental organizations, governments and universal organizations all have applied their efforts to plan and perform a number of rules and programs in order to reduce the dangers. One of these is MENARID project which is being conducted by UNDP (United Nation Development Program), Global Environmental Fund and a joint activity in seven countries North of Africa and Middle East including Iran. This program in Iran is being performed by Forest, Rangeland and Watershed Management Organization of Iran. MENARID is being conducted in five Provinces of Iran, Sistan and Baluchetan, Kermanshah, yazd, Semnan and Tehran.