Development Document of Bafgh Township

Undoubtedly, one of the valuable heritages of each nation is its culture and social affairs which differentiate it from the other nations of the world. Having a long record in its area of civilization, Iran, has its own culture and social affairs that has resisted in front of the attack of foreigners, but also were able to liken the aggressors to them and impose them the rich Iranian culture. Today, if we do not disgust our past and culture, certainly we can develop through this culture, like the other nations that have followed this path. Japan, as one the economic poles of the universe and as one of the greatest developed country in the field of technology is a sample that by preserving its culture and relying on previous traditions has been able to put the solitaire of development on its own ring. So, planning a development program requires a coherent and unite paradigm with a long-term approach. This is called a basic theory of development that is relied on as a foundation in logistics besides development strategic planning.