Development Document of Ashkezar Township


Ashkezar Township is one of the pioneers in development strategic planning in Yazd province and even in Iran. This township has commenced its strategic planning in 2009 and completed that in 2010 and was approved in planning council of the township in order to be a reforming and strategic foundation for development programs of the township either in private or governmental sector. For the first time, in 2012 the executing plan of Ashkezar development strategies were approved but practically was started in 2013. The prepared report is based on this project. According to this, several training courses have been held for institutionalizing this program, and the whole program has been sent to the major beneficiaries in the form of SMS. Furthermore, some posters and clips have been prepared related to the vision and key development projects, the main strategic map was prepared, some committees were formed and the project have been supervised by forming Ashkezar Plan and Development Chamber some months ago.

The chairmanship of the committees was undertaken by the main custodian organization of the project and its secretarial was undertaken by a consultant and a facilitator. The committees were required to do the executive approvals in the form of document. The report was undertaken by secretary of meeting- Parnian Company’s representative-.