Visions and Capabilities

Visions and Capabilities

In 2020, Parnian will be a national brand, credible and entered in the international area of consulting and successful strategic planning.

Parnian’s mission

Delivering various projects in the following fields:

*Management Consulting Strategic Studying

*Development Studying

*Setting up and Managing Entrepreneurship Clubs

Parnian’s mission as an intelligent, thoughtful, accountable and knowledgeable accompany, is raising sustainable development status of communities and creating value for organizations through research, consulting, training, software designing and facilitating in conceptualization, planning, implementing and successful strategic assessment.

Capabilities and Achievements

 Parnian company’s upcoming plans focuses on strategic planning by applying management software planning, Balanced Scored Card, permanent consultation in development and entering private sector as well as governmental sectors.

The most important capability of Parnian’s Company is strategic planning in development and socio-cultural field. The advantages of Parnian Tadbir &Toseh are  company’s commitment to the client for a full time and professional job in this field, acquainting with the governmental rules for cooperating, planning,  advancing the plan’s purposes, and having strategic planning specialists particularly in socio-cultural field which has added to the Company’s crediConsidering various out Considering various outspreading social and cultural subjects and issues, major planning is required. Therefore, this Company has been able to professionally plan provincial document programs in many different Socio-cultural fields.t.