Parnian’s mission is raising sustainable development status of communities and creating value for organizations as an intelligent, capable, trustable accompany through research, consulting, training, software designing and facilitating in conceptualization, planning, performing and successful strategic assessment.

1.      Offering a comprehensive solution to the client in order to achieve successes and expected result.

2.      Utilizing information and communication technology particularly for creating a wonderful background in order to make connection between customers and gainers through prolific and permanent cycles.

3.      Entering to the world of international and universal consulting market.

4.      Orienting towards expanding market and focusing on both minor and major clients.

5.      Providing company’s specific models and continuously upgrading them

6.      Applying new employees, training them and assigning them

7.      Considering investment as a possible and favorite way in order to  have a successful company

According to the statute, Parnin’s activities are:

1.      Organizational architecture, reengineering and strategic and practical planning  

2.      Managing and developing human resources

3.      Managing employment and entrepreneurship affairs particularly through designing, setting up and managing entrepreneurship clubs especially through applying information and communication technology

4.      Project management and management consulting

5.      Studying the performing and managing the plans of electronic government, electronic city, electronic business and etc.

6.      Performing the projects related to GIS (Geographical Information System) and all the affairs related to information technology such as network and site designing and implementing them