Parnian Tadbir & Toseh Consulting and Management Company with 7867 registration number was foundedon 18/02/2006. This company has started its effective careers as a knowledge-based andresearch company from January 2009 in Yazd Science and Technology Center by changing company’s purpose and subject. So far, Parnian has accomplished numerous projects in two fields; management consulting and strategic studies along with setting up entrepreneurship clubs.



One of the main capabilities of this company is strategic planning in development and socio-cultural field.The vantage points of Parnian are commitment to the client for delivering an integrated and professional job, getting acquaintance with the rules of governmental organizations in order to cooperate with them, planning and advancing project’s purposes and having strategic planning experts particularly in socio-cultural field which has added to the company’s credit.

Considering various spreading socio-cultural subjects and issues, major projects have been required. Therefore, Parnian Tadbir & Toseh Company has been able to professionally plan the Yazd Province document in many different socio-cultural fields.

Since Parnian is based on huge mental and innovative activities, attracting, implementing and raising human sources are the main attitudes of this company. This company has made a wide connection to the elite experts all over Iran, but its emphasis is mostly on internalizing knowledge and raising human sources of the company rather than external sources of knowledge and experts. Yet, Parnian is capable to cooperate with outstanding specialists all over Iran to perform their projects according to their requirements.