Projects and Training Courses

Projects and Activities of Tadbir & Toseh Co.

1- Planning the basic theory and national program of Yazd Province

2- Organizing and designing management projects of Yazd Province

3- Holding a training course on strategic presentation and development key cores

4- Holding a training course on planning strategic program of sustainable development through a collaborative approach in three Provinces of Iran

5- Investigating the solutions and obstacles of attracting Yazd people to Sport for all and planning a related strategy

6- Studying and investigating the process of establishing and stopping various energy-consuming industries, their advantages and disadvantages in other countries and offering a suitable approach or stopping them in Yazd region by focusing on Steel Industry

7- Studying the present situation of Brick Oven in Yazd and Ashkezar Township and their social impact assessment in order to organize the Yazd Brick Town

8-Studying and surveying the mutual impact of Yazd dwelling pattern

9- Studying and implementing the strategies of healthy family and decreasing divorces

10- Second executive phase of social document of Yazd Province

11 -Social Impact Assessment of Yazd Province development management

12- Strategic analysis and planning exhilaration program in Yazd Province

13- Diagnosing, establishment and efficiency consulting in cooperatives

14- Studying analysis, planning and implementing strategic program in order to achieve institutional strengthening and coherence for integrated natural resources management (MENARID) and a sustainable development pattern

15- Second phase of implementing the strategic document of Khatam Township

16- Second phase of implementing the strategic document of Sadough Township

17- Preparing a strategic development plan for reading in Yazd Province

18- Cooperating in planning the strategic development program of Bafgh Township

19- Analysis phase of preparing strategic document for decreasing divorces in Yazd Province

20- Planning the development strategic document of Khatam Township

21- Planning the general socio-cultural strategic plan of Yazd Province

22- Planning the strategic document of development vision of Sadough Township-Yazd

23- Planning the strategic document of Yazd foreign citizens management

24- Digitalizing of mine and calk areas and implementing GIS in South Khorasan Province

25- Education and developed skills services -entrepreneurship workshops

26- Strategies and solutions for exploiting the NGOs to upgrade energy exploitation

27- Establishing and managing entrepreneurship club of Emam Javad College

28- Upgrading the mine maps and implementing the mine districts networking