Since Parnian's base is on huge intellectual and innovative activities, attracting, implementing and raising human sources is one of the main attitudes of this company. This company has made a wide connection to the elite experts all over Iran, but its emphasis is mostly on internalizing knowledge and raising human sources of the company rather than external sources of knowledge and experts. Yet, PTT is capable to cooperate with outstanding specialists all over Iran to perform their projects according to their requirements.

Alireza  Abhaji: M.A. in Futures Studies, Amir Kabir University-B.A. in Mathematics, Yazd University

Seyed Mohammad Ali Modaresi: Strategic Management expert, Educated in Doctrate Program in the field of Medicine

Hamid Dehghan Banadaki: M.A. in Entrepreneurship, Tehran University-B.A. in Industrial Engineering, Golpayegan University, Sanati Sharif University Branch (part time)

Monireh Mirjalalaldini: M.A. in English Literature, Islamic Azad University, Karaj Branch-B.A. in English Literature, Yazd University

Mojtaba Amrollahi: M.A. in Political Science, Ferdosi University of Mashad-B.A. in Political Science,Yazd University

Hassan Fallah Madvari: M.A. in Demography, Yazd University-B.A. in Social Science, Yazd University

Zahra Pirmordian: PHD student of Geography and Urban planning, Islamic Azad University, Yasooj branch, M.A. in Geography and Urban Planning, Rezvanshahr Payame Noor University

Amir Kafash: M.A. in Chemical Enginnering (Biotechnology),Sanati Sharif University- B.A. in Chemical Enginnering,Sanati Isfahan University

Nazanin Najafian: B.A. in Political Science, Yazd University

Seyem Mohammad Hashem Hakimi: M.A. in Management, Yazd Payame Noor university-B.A. in chemical Engineering, Yazd university

Seyedeh Kianoosh Fard: Accountant


Projects and Training Courses

Projects and Activities of Tadbir & Toseh Co.

1- Planning the basic theory and national program of Yazd Province

2- Organizing and designing management projects of Yazd Province

3- Holding a training course on strategic presentation and development key cores

4- Holding a training course on planning strategic program of sustainable development through a collaborative approach in three Provinces of Iran

5- Investigating the solutions and obstacles of attracting Yazd people to Sport for all and planning a related strategy

6- Studying and investigating the process of establishing and stopping various energy-consuming industries, their advantages and disadvantages in other countries and offering a suitable approach or stopping them in Yazd region by focusing on Steel Industry

7- Studying the present situation of Brick Oven in Yazd and Ashkezar Township and their social impact assessment in order to organize the Yazd Brick Town

8-Studying and surveying the mutual impact of Yazd dwelling pattern

9- Studying and implementing the strategies of healthy family and decreasing divorces

10- Second executive phase of social document of Yazd Province

11 -Social Impact Assessment of Yazd Province development management

12- Strategic analysis and planning exhilaration program in Yazd Province

13- Diagnosing, establishment and efficiency consulting in cooperatives

14- Studying analysis, planning and implementing strategic program in order to achieve institutional strengthening and coherence for integrated natural resources management (MENARID) and a sustainable development pattern

15- Second phase of implementing the strategic document of Khatam Township

16- Second phase of implementing the strategic document of Sadough Township

17- Preparing a strategic development plan for reading in Yazd Province

18- Cooperating in planning the strategic development program of Bafgh Township

19- Analysis phase of preparing strategic document for decreasing divorces in Yazd Province

20- Planning the development strategic document of Khatam Township

21- Planning the general socio-cultural strategic plan of Yazd Province

22- Planning the strategic document of development vision of Sadough Township-Yazd

23- Planning the strategic document of Yazd foreign citizens management

24- Digitalizing of mine and calk areas and implementing GIS in South Khorasan Province

25- Education and developed skills services -entrepreneurship workshops

26- Strategies and solutions for exploiting the NGOs to upgrade energy exploitation

27- Establishing and managing entrepreneurship club of Emam Javad College

28- Upgrading the mine maps and implementing the mine districts networking

گواهی حسن انجام کار

 گواهی های حسن انجام کار پروژه های انجام شده توسط شرکت تدبیر و توسعه پرنیان

عنوان پروژه کارفرما
استفاده‌ راهبردی از سازمان‌های مردمنهاد برای‌ کاهش مصرف انرژی‌ در جامعه و صنعت استفاده‌ راهبردی از سازمان‌های مردمنهاد برای‌ کاهش مصرف انرژی‌ در جامعه و صنعت شرکت برق منطقه ای استان یزد
مطالعه و بررسی روند استقرار و تعطیلی انواع صنایع انرژی بر، سود و زیان آن در سایر کشورها و پیشنهاد رویه مناسب استقرار یا تعطیلی آن‌ها در منطقه یزد با محوریت فولاد شرکت برق منطقه ای استان یزد
سند چشم انداز شهرستان خاتم فرمانداری شهرستان خاتم
ارزیابی تاثیرات اجتماعی انتقال و ساماندهی کوره های آجر یزد و اشکذر موسسه کوثر یزد
مطالعه و تدوین برنامه راهبردی و پیاده سازی آن به منظور تقویت و انسجام سازمانی در مدیریت یکپارچه منایع طبیعی در حوزه آبخیز بهاباد سازمان کشاورزی استان یزد
راه اندازی و مدیریت باشگاه کارآفرینی موسسه آموزش عالی آزاد جواد



فایل کامل رزومه کاری شرکت پرنیان را میتوانید از طریق لینک زیر دانلود نمایید:



در این قسمت نام برخی از سازمان و شرکت هایی که شرکت پرنیان افتخار همکاری، مشاوره و آموزش آنان را داشته، ذکر شده است. ترتیب شرکتها کاملاً تصادفی است.





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